2022 Year
in Review

Walk with us through a joyful celebration of Scriptures translated and lives transformed!

What We’re Celebrating

In fiscal year 2022, you impacted 925 different languages with God's Word

72 in Europe and the
Middle East

298 in Asia

420 in Africa

68 in the Pacific

67 in the Americas

100 language communities are translating God's Word for the very first time

million people reached



field partner organizations





Bible translation interns



different countries

Since 1993,


total languages have been touched by God’s Word

Featured Scripture Celebrations

Get an inside look at what God did in 3 projects out of hundreds

In Africa

In Asia

In the Pacific

Because You Prayed

The Bible translation movement is powered by prayer. 

Bible translators are being lifted up around the clock by:

0 +

prayer community leaders

0 +

prayer partners

Watch an Exciting Update from Our Prayer Team

Together, we logged over 280,000 minutes of prayer for Bible translation in 2022. We can’t wait to see what God will do in 2023!

You Prayed. God Answered.

When we sing in Swahili, people feel normal, but when we sing in Gitemi, all the people—even the elderly—wake up and dance. If the Bible is completed in their language, I believe that the gospel will turn them to the true God.
When the chief imam [Muslim prayer leader] saw the Chawma* New Testament, he asked for 200 copies for the mosques [Muslim places of worship] in the region. The team leader gave him the copies free of charge.
I never had the opportunity to go to school. But when the [Rendille literacy] classes started, the Word was shared daily. I surrendered my life to Jesus. My desire is to share this sweet Word with other women and children in my village.
Amid all kinds of crises—from political corruption to the pandemic—there was no safe place for us. However, 2 Timothy 1:7 [in Khily*] has inspired them. They recognize that the God we serve has not given us a spirit of fear.
One leader went to a village that had had very little contact with outsiders. Praise the Lord that most people who heard the truth [in their native Willin* language] believed and have since been baptized. They have now become a church!

Meanwhile, Back at the Office...

We were gratefully fueled by 1,386 bags of coffee

We joyfully welcomed 65 new employees

We communicated in 466,825 Slack messages

Special Awards

Most Messages Sent on Slack

Kim Driggers | Managing Editor
17,259 messages

“I like quick communication in written form. My Slack habit is obviously very telling of that inclination!”

Most Minutes Spent on Zoom

Feridoon Mokhof | Field Project Manager & Translation Consultant
16,000+ minutes on Zoom

“I am doing consultant checking for
more than 20 projects, and Zoom is my office. Without Zoom, it would 
be impossible.”

There’s Still More Work to Do.

More than 1,600 languages—representing more than 124 million people—lack even one verse of Scripture. 

Thank you for joining the mission to see God’s Word transforming lives in every language in this generation.

You Have Brought Gospel Truth to Communities around the Globe

Pseudonyms used to protect the identity of communities in areas hostile to Christianity.


Full Annual Impact Report coming soon!
*Pseudonyms used to protect the identity of communities in areas hostile to Christianity.

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The KOM Cluster
of Ethiopia

KOM stands for Konta, Oyda, and Melo. These three people groups live in remote areas of Ethiopia, but God’s Word in their languages is demonstrating that they’re not forgotten. The Melo New Testament is the first written document of any kind in the Melo language! 

“Christians have been persecuted in Ethiopia for most of my lifetime,” a local church leader said. “Now, to have this dedication in a government building and to preach the gospel here is a miracle.”

An Oyda translator remarked, “In the book of Revelation, we see how God calls people from different races, tribes, and cultures in their own language. Among these tribes is the Oyda. We are now among the ones God has called.”

Witness the celebration of one of these groups, the Konta, through one Seed Company writer’s eyes.

The Dakon*
of South Asia

Many eagerly anticipated the arrival of the Dakon New Testament and the dedication celebration on June 29, 2022.

“When I attend pastors’ meetings conducted in the state language, I feel out of place and alienated, like the least among the people participating,” a Dakon pastor shared. “But when I attend a Dakon program and read Dakon Scriptures, I feel like a raju (king). I am proud of my clan, and my tribe, and I am proud of my God-given language.”

Team members closed out the ceremony by giving all glory to God and offering prayers of thanksgiving. Dakon pastors declared, “Devunu nenru onri peri kaaryam kithan,” which means, “God has done a mighty thing today.”

The Aruamu of Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is one of the top three countries in the world with remaining Bibleless languages. So it was truly a miracle of God when, this past year, the Aruamu people of Papua New Guinea celebrated the completion of the full Bible in their language! 

No longer counted among the unreached, the Aruamu are now extending their reach to others!  The Scripture dedication only marked the beginning of the next glorious season—one in which the Aruamu continue to flourish as partners in God’s kingdom work. Translated Scriptures will be used by local churches to help Aruamu believers become mature disciples who disciple others.

Get a glimpse of the celebration through the eyes of one Seed Company writer.

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