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Until There Are None was originally published in print for Seed Company's 25th anniversary. Now, for our 30th anniversary this year, we've released it for the first time ever in a free e-book format.

Step into a story God is still writing—a story of faith and restoration. An ongoing mission to get God's Word into every language.

As we share testimonies of the challenging but rewarding journey of translating Scripture, we pray you are encouraged in your own spiritual walk. May your love for the Bible—and your prayers for those who are still waiting for it—be awakened and deepened.

Until There Are None

Get an inspiring, convicting perspective on Scripture access around the world.

Find new joy as you see others experience the hope of Scripture.

Discover God’s bigger picture as he restores whole communities, one individual at a time.

See God’s plan and purpose with greater vision.

Learn about strategies for reaching more people with the gospel.

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Just a Few People You'll Get to Know


Bernie May saw Seed Company go from a vision that started in a broom closet to a mission that has impacted millions around the world.


Mandowen served as a translator for the Yawa New Testament in Asia. Though he lived on a remote island with no electricity, telephones, or internet, he was so committed to God’s call that he would travel up to six days one way to check translated Scripture passages with the consultant.


Before Katy Barnwell arrived in 1999 from our partner SIL, Seed Company was primarily a funding agency with no direct field operations. With her management of our new Luke Partnership with The Jesus Film Project, Barnwell helped change that.


For decades, people had struggled over how to present the gospel to Muslim people near the Chad/Sudan border. When a group of churches began to pray around the clock for a series of Oral Bible Storytelling workshops, local project facilitator Ahmed saw breakthrough.


“God’s Word and his Spirit are at work in tremendous ways among the witch doctors,” oral Bible storyteller Almaz said. “It’s as if God has opened the skies and made the community ready to receive the Good News.”


Roy Peterson and his wife embarked on a 40-day liquid fast to pray for Seed Company’s next CEO—which would turn out to be him. Under his leadership, Seed Company went from just over 200 translation projects to 1,000.


Outsiders considered his island cursed. But Naphtaly, a local church leader, was determined to bless his people with Scripture in their language. As God’s Word was taught in Suba, HIV/AIDS decreased by more than 20%, and church attendance went from fewer than 100 people to thousands!


Luis, President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Union of Indigenous Translators (UNTI) in Mexico, saw tremendous growth in his ministry organization after partnering with Seed Company’s Growth Partners team (then called Global Initiatives).


As an Old Testament translator, Mandie once booked a noted Psalms consultant to come teach a workshop for her team. The wait time was two years. She became a consultant in training with Seed Company’s internship program, and today, she herself serves as a translation consultant for her country! 

Too many Christians are still in the dark: there are nearly 1 billion people without the full Bible in their own language and over 130 million without a single verse.

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