Translation Consultant Residency Program

Join the front lines of Bible translation

A Life Commissioned

Residents will play a key role in minority-language Bible translation efforts, partnering with translators on behalf of communities waiting to hear the gospel in their heart language.

Upon completion of the program, residents will be certified as translation consultants and have the opportunity to work full time with Seed Company.   

Bible translation is a culturally rich and exciting process! Click below for a brief understanding.

Who Should Apply?

Individuals who have a heart for mentoring international colleagues to be successful translation consultants and those who desire to bring innovation to the field of Bible translation

Preferably, but not limited to, those who have an MDiv and/or MA in biblical studies, linguistics, theology, translation, or a related field

Candidates who have a familiarity with at least one of the Bible’s original languages to a degree that allows them to interact directly with the original text


Adventurers ready to embrace cross cultural experiences and work with a wide range of denominational viewpoints

Core Residency Features

Foundational Bible Translation Training

The program will give residents versatile experience and understanding of translation consulting and provide qualification for unique ministry opportunities. Residents with no prior Bible translation experience will receive core Bible translation training through Dallas International University (DIU) or comparable coursework.

Ongoing Professional Development

Because translation consulting is a lifelong journey, the residency will provide ample room for professional growth. Possibilities include DIU’s Certificate in Translation Consulting, the DTL Foundations in Bible Translation Certificate, Seed Company’s Hebrew NT2OT training program, among other education options.

Mentoring &

The best kind of learning happens through relationships. The leaders and teachers of the Translation Consultant Residency Program are equipped to offer sound counsel, in-depth knowledge, and insightful direction to each resident and equip them to do the same upon completion of the program.

Specialized Opportunities

Residents will work in disciplined innovation alongside Bible translation consultants. In addition, they can participate in workshops such as the International Communications Course (ICC) at JAARS, Arts for a Better Future, Design Thinking, as well as special courses designed by Seed Company.  

Residency Roadmap

Learning is Better in Community

Train in an Active Environment

Through hands-on training with certified translation consultants in cohorts, residents will have unique learning experiences provided through international travel and/or Zoom meetings.

Build Relationships

Real-time training will provide opportunities to build strong relationships with cohorts and mentors.

Gain Insight from
International Colleagues

Working with translation teams based in a variety of global locations will offer exciting growth opportunities for residents.

Residency Begins
January 2023


Dates:            January 2023 – December 2025

Apply by:       Come back soon to apply for next session

Time:              Full-time salaried (40 hours/week)

Travel:            10-12 weeks per year (expenses paid)

Experience:   See “Who Should Apply” above


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