3 Women Find Strength in Scripture

3 Women Find Strength in Scripture

February 23, 2024


Around the world, women are discovering peace and power in God’s Word.

Right now, think of a woman who changed the course of your life for the better. Whether they were a teacher, family member, boss, or friend, you saw the ways in which their God-given gifts blessed you and others.

In honor of Women’s History Month, join us as we explore the story of 3 women who blessed others by embracing God’s gifts for them. Find inspiration and gratitude for the powerful work God is doing in and through women around the world. 

A Woman in Asia Remembers Her Worth in God’s Eyes

The job of a comprehension tester may be simple, but it isn’t easy. Comprehension testers read newly-translated Scripture in their heart language and help the translation team determine if it is clear, natural, and accurate. 

In Asia, one woman in the Nosko people group stepped up to be a comprehension tester and helped evaluate the Nosko translation of Proverbs. In a culture that sees women as less worthy than men, the inclusion of a woman on the team of comprehension testers is almost revolutionary.

As she read through Proverbs 31:10–31, she was reminded of her worth in God’s eyes. “In our culture,” she explains, “women are not respected—not valued very much. But according to this verse, I understand that God values women.” 

“I have come to understand the importance of women for their families, for their community, for the church, for the kingdom of God.”

— Nosko Comprehension Tester

Equipped with this newfound understanding of God’s love, she’s ready to carry the message to others.

In Guatemala, Doña Anastasia is Encouraged by God’s Word 

Western Kaqchikel is spoken in southern parts of Guatemala. Sadly, oppression of women is common among the people who speak Western Kaqchikel. 

But heart language Scripture is pushing back against the lies of the world, and Western Kaqchikel are discovering the value of women in God’s Word!

One woman named Doña Anastasia has been particularly impacted. While Doña Anastasia was never afforded the chance at a formal education, that hasn’t stopped her. Later in life, she learned to read. It wasn’t easy, but it proved worth the effort. Now that she has access to Scripture in her heart language, she can read God’s words of strength for herself!

“It is possible that in this world women are devalued, but now I know that in the Bible there are many verses that come to encourage and strengthen.”

— Doña Anastasia, Wester Kaqchikel Speaker

One translator shared, “Seeing Doña Anastasia motivates me to continue working on the translation project because I know that many women will understand the Lord’s message for their hearts.”

Doña Anastasia knows that the Word of God isn’t just an old book.

“I take these words for myself,” she proclaims. “It is possible that in this world women are devalued, but now I know that in the Bible there are many verses that come to encourage and strengthen.”

In Asia, a Woman Named Radhika Becomes a Disciple Maker

Many people groups that are still without heart language Scripture live in areas that are actively hostile to Christianity. In such places, it becomes vitally important to exercise discernment and wisdom in determining when and how to share faith and distribute Scripture.

But just as we see in the book of Acts, persecution hasn’t stopped the growth of the kingdom. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Take Radhika for example. Radhika is a Rutara believer who lives in an Asian country that is hostile to Christianity. Despite the threat of persecution, she is boldly discipling young girls in her community using the New Testament in their language. 

Radhika inspires the young girls to take action. “I have been teaching and mentoring them to become vibrant witnesses for Christ,” she says. Together, they meditate on God’s Word and memorize the truths of Scripture in their language. “By studying and memorizing God’s Word in our mother tongue,” Radhika shares, “our believers have grown stronger in faith.”

Radhika champions hope for the young girls in her community and her community as a whole. “They learn about Jesus Christ and about what a transformed believer should look like,” she explains. “I am sure this will draw more Rutara speakers to Christ and his gift of salvation.” 

Thanks be to God!

Empowered by God’s Word

While a sinful world may often hurt and oppress women, God frees women through the truth in his Word. All over the world, women are discovering their worth and strength through Scripture. And they are drawing upon that strength to share God’s Word with others!

Today, please take a few moments to thank God for the faithful, courageous women who dare to see themselves the way God sees them: as leaders of grace and power for his glory.

Pseudonyms have been used to protect the identity of individuals in regions hostile to Christianity.

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