God Multiplies Your Offering

God Multiplies Your Offering

April 29, 2021


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The story of the 5 loaves and 2 fish doesn’t have to be a miracle only witnessed in the Scriptures. Every day, we have the opportunity to participate in God’s provision for the world. We give what we have, and he is faithful to bless and multiply it in his hands.

When you partner with Seed Company, you are:

  • Equipping believers all over the world with God’s Word
  • Transforming lives for eternity
  • Growing the kingdom of God + multiplying churches

1.5 billion people still don’t have the full Bible in their first language. Imagine what’s possible with Scripture that’s accurate and speaks to their hearts.

Together, we can finish the task!

Fewer than 10% of the world’s currently spoken languages have a complete Bible.

None of us can do this alone. That’s why Seed Company partners with hundreds of organizations all over the world—local and international—to accomplish this great mission.

By the numbers this fiscal year:
  • 900+ translation projects
  • 50+ languages receiving their very first Scripture
  • 200+ local interns being trained in Scripture translation

What good is a Bible that sits on the shelf?

Not only do millions of people still lack a complete Bible in their heart language, but millions more have a Bible they can’t use because …

  • It’s not in the language they speak at home
  • The language has changed so that the words no longer touch their hearts
  • It’s only in print … but their culture prizes oral storytelling

By giving to Seed Company, you’re partnering with local translators around the world who are committed to accelerating Bible translations that are clearaccuratenatural, and acceptable to their communities.

When the Bible is finally done, it becomes a real page-turner in the hands of a waiting people group! It transforms lives, changes culture, and ultimately grows the kingdom.


The Word became flesh and blood, and moved into the neighborhood. — John 1:14a (The Message)


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Help Reach People Waiting for God’s Word

God’s Word changes everything. And everyone deserves to have God’s Word in the language they understand best. You can help make that happen.

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