Staff Highlight: “God’s Timing Is Perfect”

Staff Highlight: “God’s Timing Is Perfect”

June 29, 2023






     Role at Seed Company: Lead Writer

     Nickname: Sam, Samwise

     Favorite Food: Tacos

     Favorite Hobby: Reading





Samuel Harris, a lead writer for Seed Company’s communications team, shares how God led him to his current position, blessed his family, and provided for their every need in a time of transition.


Before joining Seed Company, I had no idea what my next stage of life would look like. But God led my wife Rachel and I to opportunities we never could have planned on our own, proving that his timing is always right. 

Undesirable Circumstances

In early 2019, Rachel and I lived in my hometown of Lynchburg, Virginia. We had been married for less than a year, and I was feeling stuck. I was working as an underpaid and underappreciated editor with no prospects for advancement. I had already been passed up for a promotion, and I knew I didn’t want to stay in an entry-level role forever. I was nearing 30 with a wife to support. 

We wanted kids, but my income and our tiny one-bedroom apartment made me hesitant. Rachel was praying for a child, but I prayed that God wouldn’t give us one until I had a more substantial job. 

Around that time—March 2019, to be exact—we learned about Seed Company at a concert. It was there that our eyes were opened to the need for Bible translation, and we responded by giving that very night.

Unexpected News

I’d planned to wait it out at my subpar job a little longer before actively looking elsewhere. But my plans changed in September when Rachel told me she thought she was pregnant! Knowing that a child was a big expense, I began applying while praying for God’s direction and timing.

Rachel would encourage me, saying, “Every business needs a writer or a communications person.” She also reminded me that her job was online, so we didn’t even have to stay close to home. Following her advice, I applied for writer/editor jobs everywhere I could. Soon, it occurred to me to look into known organizations that we already supported … like Seed Company. 

I went to their website and found a Content Writer position open. I didn’t expect anything to come of it. But I applied anyway, just in case.

Meanwhile, we got the news that Rachel was not pregnant. The symptoms that had gotten our hopes up were actually from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)—a condition that can make it difficult to get pregnant. I felt slightly relieved—my financial concerns were less imminent now—but it was still hard for us both to hear that we might not be able to have children at all. 

How God Guided

Soon, Seed Company wanted to interview me by phone. I was grateful but still not overly expectant.

But then they wanted a Zoom interview. After that, they wanted to fly me out to Texas for a third interview in person! Rachel said, “They don’t do that unless they’re seriously interested. So how do we feel about moving to Texas?”

Around Thanksgiving, I accepted an official job offer, and Rachel and I decided to move across the country in two months time! It was all happening so fast, but we knew God had opened the doors and was leading us very clearly.

How God Provided

Five days before Christmas, I was working in our living room with moving boxes piling up all around. Rachel had gone to her doctor for a follow-up appointment on her condition. When she came home, she said she’d gotten something for me. Curious, I opened the bag and pulled out an infant’s onesie.

I looked at her. “Really?” I asked. She nodded wordlessly, and I moved to hug her. I’d prayed that God wouldn’t give us a baby until I had a better job—and he’d answered that prayer very literally!

God’s Story Goes On

2020 presented a new set of challenges: moving cross-country, settling into a new job, enduring a global pandemic, and having our first baby. But through the highs, lows, and uncertainties of every moment, Rachel and I remained confident that God had provided and led us for a purpose. Seed Company, Texas, and our baby had all been part of his good plan, and nothing was going to shake that!

Now, after three years at Seed Company, I can still honestly say it’s the best place I’ve ever worked. I have a job using my skills for a cause I believe in at a company where people are valued. We’ve made Texas home, built new friendships, and have gotten plugged into a supportive church community. And Benny, our beautiful baby boy (actually a toddler now!), is a constant reminder of God’s faithfulness and provision.

Even when I couldn’t see what was coming, I knew God was writing our story. He worked through financial concerns, subpar jobs, and unwanted medical conditions to bring about a greater good for us and for his glory. And the amazing thing is—he’s not done! He’s still writing his perfect story all over the world through the work of organizations like Seed Company, and I feel blessed to be part of it.

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