A Closer Look: Seed Company Staff Share Their ‘Why’

A Closer Look: Seed Company Staff Share Their ‘Why’

December 20, 2019


Seed Company staff members tell what working in Bible translation means to them.

Amy Easterlin

Senior Field Coordinator — Nigeria

When Amy accepted Christ while in the Marine Corps, she quickly found herself without the friends she once had. During that lonely time, she felt as if all she had was God and his Word.

And that was just what she needed.

God used that season to plant a call on her life. She knew that one day, she would go and proclaimhis name, sharing with everyone the same Scripture that sustained her.

After spending 11 years serving the government as a logistics analyst, Amy transitioned to full-time ministry as a missionary with Wycliffe Bible Translators. However, her journey to “the field” took an unexpected turn when she visited Seed Company. After hearing about our process for developing and managing Bible translation projects, Amy quickly realized how God was directing her to use her gifts and experiences.

Now, as the senior field coordinator for Nigeria, Amy does not see a distinction between missions and business principles; instead, she sees them as complementary. God uses both to accomplish his work.

“Missions God’s way includes principles like accountability, intentionality, and stewardship,” Amy says. “I have learned to not view business and missions as opposing efforts. Here at Seed Company, the business principles we uphold are complementary to our missions work and are rooted in the truth of God’s Word and God’s character.”


Micah Fairchild

Film Producer

After Micah spent three months in Asia, he developed a passion for two things: the power of storytelling and the countries where the gospel message is restricted. When he moved to Texas to take care of his grandfather, he discovered Seed Company—a place where he could pursue both.

As a film producer here, Micah is responsible for creating videos that connect partners with the ongoing work of Bible translation around the world.

“I find and tell stories of individuals, families, communities, cultures, countries, and governments that have been transformed, are in the process, or are looking to be transformed by God’s Word,” he explains. “Story has a way of not just affecting the mind but affecting the heart. It invites someone into a world and shows them a perspective. It’s a way to effectively get past different cultural boundaries, as well as political boundaries and intellectual boundaries.”

Through his work here, Micah has visited several countries and heard many stories about people who have given up their lives for the sake of the gospel. He says stories like these keep him focused on the goal, and the working power of God’s Word in his life is what motivates him.

“It’s easy to get caught up in day-to-day tasks,” Micah states, “but the work we are doing is eternal.”


Preston Francis

Product Owner

In his role as a product owner at Seed Company, Preston works to ensure that the goals of both developers and users of the Seed Company website are represented and accommodated. But throughout his time here, Preston has found that he has received support and opportunities to achieve his own goals as well.

After working in product management in a variety of corporate settings, Preston decided to transition to Seed Company to grow spiritually as well as professionally. He is continually encouraged by the personal investment leaders make to help their employees succeed; more than just criticism and feedback, they give of their own time and experience to make growth a reality.

“A lot of organizations say they value their people; this organization does,” he says.

But Preston does not see his own professional development as the end goal. Instead, he sees his work as product owner ultimately supporting Seed Company’s greater mission of Bible translation.

“I have been more satisfied with my career choices than I have been in a long time,” he says. “Previously, it was about climbing as high as I could. Now, it’s not about me trying to get a promotion. It’s about me getting God’s Word out there.”



Field Coordinator — Asia

Sarah first came to the United States from Southeast Asia to pursue a degree at Moody Bible Institute. As part of her education, she had the chance to stay in the States for another year and work full time in a practical application of her degree.

After a few months of working at her church, a friend suggested that she consider Seed Company.

Now as a field coordinator, Sarah communicates with a variety of field partners in Asia on a daily basis. This communication ensures that field partners’ practices are meeting the guidelines of Seed Company’s values and goals, so those organizations can receive support, funding, and resources. She views Seed Company’s work in Bible translation as one phase in the overall Great Commission process.

“It’s like one level,” *Sarah explains. “You need to have the Word of God in the language you understand best. So, we’re actually doing something that is very fundamental in helping people find who God is and who they are in Christ.”

Sarah is committed to Seed Company’s core value of managing for quality results, both for projects she manages as field coordinator and in her own life. She approaches the role of working with God’s Word with reverence, knowing it is impacting individuals for eternity.

“We are here because we honor our God,” Sarah says. “It’s not about projects. It’s about, first of all, that we live to honor God in all the things that we do. And it’s reflected through prayers and the way you relate with one another.”

As Sarah returns to her home country to continue working as a remote field coordinator with Seed Company, she says she knows she will carry these values back with her.

*Pseudonyms are used for names and locations in regions hostile to Christianity.


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