Turning on the Light Switch: How Bible Translation Accelerates the Great Commission

Turning on the Light Switch: How Bible Translation Accelerates the Great Commission

October 1, 2020


Seed Company began when Bernie May started a pilot program, a research and development initiative, within Wycliffe Bible Translators.

We had a big problem to solve.

At the rate Bible translation was progressing, it could take over 150 years just to get started in the 3,000 to 4,000 remaining language groups at that time.

Wycliffe wanted to dramatically accelerate the pace of Bible translation and empower national leaders. So, Wycliffe leadership equipped Bernie with a high degree of autonomy to help solve the problem.

In response, Seed Company was born in 1993, with the purpose of changing the status quo in Bible translation.

Reaching the Lost Is Impossible without God’s Word

Scripture translation is essential to the Great Commission. Just imagine how it’s impacted your life. And when Jesus said to go into ALL nations … the Greek word he used for nations is ethné, every ethnic group—which is defined by a unique language and culture.

The Great Commission doesn’t mean some; it clearly means ALL. Every language, every tribe, every ethnic group, every person. It’s the greatest calling and privilege, to reach the unreached.

For Bibleless cultures, all the deep and important questions of life—questions about purpose, meaning, worth, family, relationships, sin and forgiveness, salvation, community, God, and eternity—find their answers in generations of superstition, fear of the elements, fear of spirits and ancestors, fear of each other, and fear of the unknown. These cultures are missing the light of God’s Word.

A light switch holds tremendous power to bring light. But the room remains dark until someone actually moves the switch to “on.”

God is at work preparing people to receive his message. His power and presence are already there, but his Word is not. Through the ministry of Bible translation, you can join us in bringing light to waiting communities around the world.

From Darkness to Light

There is a before, characterized by darkness and confusion, and there is an after, characterized by the light of God’s Word. You can be a part of that after when you help engage a Bibleless people group through the ministry of Bible translation.

Stephen Kindiki, from Kenya, was bursting with joy as the Tharaka people received their New Testament years ago.

It was one of Seed Company’s first 10 projects.

Stephen exclaimed: “Today, we are the richest people I can think of!” And on June 13, 2019, Stephen’s community finally celebrated the landmark event of receiving the entire Bible in Tharaka. Watch this inspiring video of their journey to reach that moment.

The Tharaka translation team turned on the light switch of the full counsel of God.

His Word is now available to address those most profound realities of life: purpose, love, grace, forgiveness, and more. Missional efforts can thrive because they have Scripture in their language for evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and church growth.

More than a Book

Bible translation is not about a product. It’s not about a book, video, app, or audio track. The living God desires to take up residence in each of our lives. And his Holy Spirit’s primary tool to transform our lives is his Word.

Let’s rejoice for these points of light where the gospel is coming alive, and let’s also remember the incredible need of those still waiting—nearly 2,000 people groups still haven’t received God’s Word in their own language.

God desires to see every one of these remaining language groups become a point of light, with the gospel shining brightly in their language.


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Help Reach People Waiting for God’s Word

God’s Word changes everything. And everyone deserves to have God’s Word in the language they understand best. You can help make that happen.

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