Building Local Capacity in Nigeria

Building Local Capacity in Nigeria

March 28, 2022


When Hilary went to Nigeria for the first time, she assumed she’d be teaching advanced Excel formulas and programming. Instead, she found herself teaching computer basics as she worked with small grassroots organizations that were building from the ground up.

Although these organizations were small, they knew the power of the one they were serving. And their eyes stayed locked on one goal: reaching all the remaining Bibleless people groups in Nigeria.

Watch this 2-minute video about how Nigerians are taking ownership and leadership:


Working Ourselves Out of a Job

Not only does Hilary teach these Nigerian interns, but they also teach her how to better equip them within their cultural context. Hilary learns how to think about finances from a Nigerian perspective—how money and its management are viewed in their culture. Her favorite part is watching team members train and advise each other while she silently celebrates the growth God is bringing.

With each organization she mentors, her goal is to essentially work herself out of a job.

Nigeria is one of the top countries in the world with remaining Bible translation needs. With a mostly Muslim northern region, a mostly Christian southern region, and frequent conflict in the middle of the country between the two groups, local Bible translators know that only God’s Word can bring lasting peace.

They also know it will take more than an increase in the number of translators and translation consultants to make the work happen. Each organization also needs every other role you’d find in a standard business, like:

    • financial analysts
    • human resources professionals
    • and project managers

The more training local organizations receive, the more they are equipped to take ownership of reaching the remaining Bibleless peoples in their country.

Equipping Local Churches to Finish the Task of Bible Translation

This is where Seed Company’s Internship Program comes in.

Seed Company employees come alongside interns in local Bible translation organizations around the world, helping them build capacity so they can meet the remaining needs in their regions.

As organizations like those in Nigeria continue to grow toward greater independence, we’re praying for more of the languages we partner with in the years ahead to be what we call “multiplication starts”—meaning that field partners are starting these projects largely on their own, with us only coming alongside to assist. 

May the one who provides seed to the sower continue to supply everything our local partners need, enlarging the harvest of their righteousness. (2 Corinthians 9:10, paraphrase)


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